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With Dr. Ledivia Strauss on board, RevitaHealth is doing just that through integrative and aesthetic medicine, as well as the early detection of various health concerns with the aim of reversing age-accelerating degenerative processes in the body and preventing diseases rather than treating them.

“We integrate scientifically researched natural medicines, nutraceutical support, bio-identical hormones, exercise programs and dietary modifications into patient’s therapies to provide health and restore balance. Our focus remains the treatment of underlying causes of disease and not merely keeping disease under control.” Dr Ledivia Strauss

With functional and integrative medicine, we focus on the idea that healing should be individualized and holistic. We take the time to get to know patients and uncover the root causes of an illness. Our goal is to empower people to reach their ideal level of health. For each patient, we need to figure out their story, their triggers, their mediators and eventually develop a plan that can heal them or get them closer to functioning on an optimal level.

We use a patient-centered approach that incorporates aspects of allopathic medicine, nutrition, behavioural therapy, supplements, and other disciplines. The influence of genetics, the environment and lifestyle on overall health are considered. We have a saying of “test don’t guess” and therefore our treatments are very personalised and aimed at each individual’s own results and needs. Functional medicine treatment often starts with the gut, where a lot of the healing starts. We help our patients move towards a diet and lifestyle that is supportive of healing. This plan differs from person to person.

Treatment sometimes involves eliminating and reintroducing foods to see what’s causing inflammation or other symptoms in the body. Medical doctors, dietitians and life coaches often form part of the team to ensure optimal care. Sometimes, we want to promote gut healing and other times we may want to support the body’s detoxification processes. Depending on where the key imbalances are in terms of body metabolism and different kinds of functions of the body, we can therapeutically use the diet to help support healing. Other parts of a patient’s lifestyle like sleep, physical activity and stress are also considered.

Since functional medicine looks for underlying causes and treats the whole patient, healing can take time. The most successful patients are willing to invest time and energy into the process. Patients starting this healing journey need to be motivated. They may have to change their diet, lifestyle and their habits without just taking a pill to mask all the symptoms. When it comes to true healing and health, there is no quick fix or instant solution. It takes commitment, willpower and routine.

“Just as the brain, heart, and lungs are vitally important organs, the mind plays an integral role in the wellbeing of an individual. The benefit of psychologically being, and staying, motivated is priceless when it comes to health and working towards the best version of oneself.” Dr Ledivia Strauss

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